Version 0.0.2 release notes

Many new features, and more coming soon!

by catFurr   2021-05-01T18:43:20.111Z

It's been a hectic time recently and despite a lot of other commitments, I've managed to scrape out some time to work on Bahath and add more features and fix various issues.

The best new things available with this release are:

  • Markdown.

    Everything is now markdown, and that just opens up a world of possibilities for users. With its full power people are now free to edit and style up content as wanted, without any restrictions. Markdown is enabled with automatic linking! and best of all, Images are supported too!!! This means you can now add images wherever you need, in questions, descriptions, options, etc.

  • Referencing user responses LIVE

    There is an inbuilt reactive content 'parser' that scans text for specific code words. You can now change and update questions, options and literally any content to reflect user responses. This is an incredibly powerful tool to build truly personalized forms. And more parsing options will be coming soon in future releases, so stay tuned :) There is a separate blog post discussing in-depth the ways in which to use these inbuilt codes, but the most important points are mentioned below for reference

    Parsing Codes begin with a dollar ($) symbol and end with an exclamatory (!) mark. They consist of 3 parts, divided by periods (.) or full stops. The first section is the type, which for now can be only (RESPONSE). The second part is a number indicating the section and the third part is a number indicating the question index in that section. The parser replaces this entire Code with the user response for that question. For example, $RESPONSE.1.1! will be replaced by the answer to the first question in the first section. If the question does not exist or has not been answered, it will be replaced by null. Parsing Codes can be used recursively, like $RESPONSE.$RESPONSE.1.1!.2!

  • More question types

    The following new types of questions have been added:

    • Multiple Correct Multiple Choice, aka Checkbox (mcmc)
    • Drop-down select type (dropdown)
    • time, in a 24 hr system without any Time Zone (time)
    • date, with the days/month/yr euro format (date)
    • text input supporting up to 1000 characters (text)
    • range input that allows user to select between 0 to 10 stars (range)
    • empty type which can be used to just put out some content like headings (empty) and from before,
    • single correct multiple choice, aka Radio (scmc)
  • tiny improvements

    There have been a lot of minor UI/UX design and flow improvements. A lot of bugs and other issues have also been resolved. The new version has also removed the concept of specific pieces for the Form title and description and Section title and description. Instead the design has been reworked to treat everything as a question. Form and Section headings can now be implemented using the empty question type. Within the question as well, we have removed the separate entry for a description. Users can now utilize the single content text area for all these purposes, effectively simplifying the design without losing any freedom or flexibility for users.

Unfortunately, I was unable to implement support for Logic Jumps and Response Validations yet. The core design for these features are in place however some (not so small) amount of front end (UI) design and coding is needed before they can become usable for end consumers. Hopefully, they should be ready by the next release.