Update Coming Soon

Version 0.0.2 is around the corner!

by catFurr   2021-04-21T12:35:56.608Z

It's been a couple of months since I started working on this project. Slowly (but surely!) the site is coming together into something extraordinary!!

The next version, which will be Version 0.0.2, is scheduled to be released at the beginning of the next month.

Some of the most exciting features it will include are:

Logic Jumps:

  • You can now move between questions sections based on various conditions

Response Validations:

  • Ensure only the type of answer you need gets sent by the user

Markdown formatting:

  • Everything is markdown! Make your form content really come to life with the full power of markdown. Click Here to learn more about using markdown

Dynamic content refactoring:

  • Everything is dynamic :) Use real time responses to re-structure the design and content of the form, seamlessly and effortlessly

Tons of more question types!!

...and more xD